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When should you upgrade your HVAC system?

When should you upgrade your HVAC system? | 24 Seven Hvac

Nothing lasts forever. So is your HVAC system. Even though we all want our heating and cooling system to last forever, as time goes by, it will lose its efficiency and functionality. Sooner or later, you will need to decide whether to upgrade or replace your HVAC unit. So, when should you take the big decision to upgrade your HVAC system?

Is your HVAC system old?

If your unit is of more than 10 years old, then the chances are that your system would be out of date, needs frequent maintenance and has lost its efficiency. The usual lifespan of HVAC equipment is 15 to 20 years. Replacing your old system with an Energy Star system can help you save nearly 20% on energy expense. Also, it will prevent the extra cost of frequent system repairs and maintenance.

Has your energy bills increased?

Cost-effectiveness is a crucial factor we demand from anything we purchase. Older HVAC unit loses efficiency, and this leads to increase in AC or furnace bills.  You can contact our experts to get your system checked. If you see the increase in bills for a prolonged period, it’s better to replace your system for a long cost-effective run.

Is your system demanding frequent repairs?

Even though it would be best if your HVAC equipment gets back its efficiency with repairs, an aged system will need frequent maintenance, replacement of parts, and lack efficiency. It will cost more on maintenance and repair, which will only increase your expense but won’t solve your system issues completely.

Is your HVAC system noisy?

We all know the HVAC unit makes a reasonable amount of noise. But are you bothered by the unusual noises coming from your equipment? You can solve this by tightening some lose part or replacing some parts of the system, but if it continues to make excessive noises even after maintenance, it’s best to get a new system.

Is your AC/furnace running for a long period?

If your HVAC unit is taking more than usual running time, it means it is having difficulty producing and circulating enough air to maintain the ideal temperature. This can be due to bad coils, a faulty blower motor etc.  In that case, ask a professional to check your system and resolve the issues. If your system performs the same even after a number of repairs and maintenance, it’s better to replace it with a new one.

Is your indoor air quality poor?

The HVAC unit also plays a significant role in purifying your indoor air. Some of the systems have a unique feature to filter pet dander, dust etc. This helps people who have allergies and other respiratory troubles. In case you notice poor performance in ventilation and filtration, it’s best to upgrade your system.

Is your home temperature making you feel uncomfortable?

If you are finding trouble maintaining the ideal temperature in your home, it could be due to a faulty HVAC equipment. It can be induced by wrong installation or the wrong size or aged system. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to call an HVAC professional and fix the problem. Want to upgrade your HVAC system to an efficient and energy saving one? Contact us at support@24sevenhvac.com or Call us 315-399-9962. Our HVAC support team is 24/7 available to assist you with your emergencies.

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