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What To Expect When Hiring A Professional HVAC Company in Syracuse, NY

When it comes to your home’s HVAC system, you’re going to want to avail of the services of a professional HVAC company in Syracuse, NY if you’re going to be doing anything to it. Sure there are a couple things you can do as a homeowner like swapping out filters or keeping you’re the areas around the furnace or the outdoor unit clean. However, when it comes to major repairs, maintenance, and especially installation, you should look for professional HVAC installers in Syracuse to do the job. 

Checking on the specialty & services of an HVAC company in Syracuse

While it’s normal to think that every HVAC company in Syracuse, New York will have the same offerings, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s why it’s important to do your research first before deciding on a specific company to handle your HVAC system. 

HVAC contractors are generally trained in all three areas of HVAC: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. However, some contractors and companies will choose to focus on only one or two of these categories, so always check first. You will also find that some companies specialize in residential HVAC system. These contractors and companies will differ greatly from commercial HVAC companies in NY.

Main types of HVAC services

Most HVAC contractors will have specialists who will handle each of these three types of services: maintenance, repair, and installation. Maintenance is usually the entry point for most new HVAC technicians; repair jobs will usually require more experience and training for it to be done right; and furnace or air condition installation will require the greatest amount of experience and skill to ensure everything works perfectly. 

Aside from these main services, certain HVAC companies in Syracuse, NY like 24 Seven HVAC can also consult on other ways to improve HVAC system. They can help you find ways to save on energy bills and make your HVAC system more efficient or suggest additions and improvements to the HVAC system to improve air quality.

Aside from mechanical services, HVAC maintenance in Syracuse from companies like 24 Seven HVAC also include duct cleaning services to help maintain a better level of air quality in your home or business.  

Steps to getting the job done 

Whether it’s a repair job or a full-on installation of a brand-new system, there are some definite things you should expect from any HVAC contractor you choose. The first thing you should expect from professional HVAC installers is an explanation of the pre-installation process. Your contractor needs to consider the unique attributes of your home that will heavily impact your HVAC system selection. 

Another thing that must be done, and this is absolutely necessary, is a Manual J Load Calculation. This calculation will determine the proper sizes for your air conditioner and furnace. The pre-installation process should also include a ductwork analysis to see if it is capable of delivering the right about of air to all areas of the home.  

 A good HVAC contractor will also ask you a lot of questions during this time. This is normal and of great importance so they can properly figure out how to design your HVAC system and ensure proper and even cooling & heating throughout the year. 

Your contractor should also be conducting a bunch of testing to inform their design of your HVAC. Some tests that you can expect are blower door test for identifying areas of air leakage, room-by-room airflow testing, and combustion safety testing to ensure your furnace doesn’t leak carbon monoxide into the home.  

When it comes to the installation or repair itself, a good HVAC company in Syracuse will be thoughtful enough to consider how messy a job it will be and bring with them some blankets and materials to make cleanup easier. After the installation, you should also expect a lot of quality checks and testing to see if the whole system is working and up to par. They may even check on you a few weeks after the installation to see how the system is working. 

Call 24 Seven HVAC for your maintenance, repair, and installation needs! 

You can expect everything you read in this article when you call 24 Seven HVAC, a trusted HVAC company in Syracuse, NY. Get top-notch service and a design-minded approach with all your HVAC needs. Enjoy the perfect climate in your home business all year round and contact us today!  


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