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What are the signs that it is time for an A/C tune-up?

When should I get an AC tune-up? | 24 Seven Hvac

What are the signs that it is time for an A/C tune-up?

HVAC units need proper and regular maintenance and care. Period. As experienced HVAC installers and repairers in Syracuse, we have too often seen clients ignore early signs of AC trouble – only to end up with major repairs or system replacements. An annual tune-up, which might include minor repairs, testing, and cleaning, is recommended to keep your AC unit in top shape. Like most other machinery, the AC, too, starts showing signs when it’s time to do the repairs. Read on to find out what signs indicate that it’s time for an AC tune-up.

Signs That It's Time For An A/C Tune-up

Keeping your AC units in good shape ensures that they don’t suddenly give up and perform at maximum efficiency. So, how do you know it is time for an AC tune-up? While some signs are obvious to us, others might need a more technical eye to be spotted. Let’s take a look at some of the most immediate signs and the actions we should take to remedy them.

1. Insufficient cool air

Lack of cool air might be the most obvious sign that your AC is in dire need of a tune-up. After you’ve switched on the AC, it takes forever to cool your room. The longer it takes to cool, the longer the AC works, and the higher the electricity bill. It is one of the most direct signs that your AC unit is inefficient, and it’s time for an AC repair. Make sure you waste no time dialing up an HVAC service provider and get it fixed as soon as possible.

2. Weak airflow

One telltale sign of damage is the decreasing amount of airflow. Air coming out of the system might be cool, indicating that the cooling is intact, but the airflow is not as strong as it used to be. This happens when there is an obstruction in the filter or a leaky air duct. Lack of regular cleaning of filters leads to clogged filters and causes weak airflow. While this is an easy problem to tackle, not doing it on time can lead to higher expenses.

3. Inconsistent temperature

Another sign that there’s something wrong with the AC is that some rooms are cooler or warmer than the rest. The uneven temperature may be due to a crashing AC unit. A leaky duct or faulty filter can cause the AC to misbehave. So can a lack of air-tight windows and direct sunlight. This needs experienced eyes and hands. Call up 24 Seven HVAC if you think the AC is not cooling uniformly.

4. Strange Sounds from the AC

It is easy to recognize if your AC unit is working flawlessly or not from the sound it makes. A fully functioning AC makes little to no sound-just a quiet hum in the background like a brand new one. However, strange sounds like whirring or knocking sounds start coming from it as time goes by. It is a problem that you should look into immediately. The unusual sounds could be caused by a faulty part or because of improper maintenance. The conclusion is better left to a trained technician.

5. Mold, moisture, and odors

At its most healthy state, the AC runs without any problems like mold, moisture, or odor. However, as its functionality decreases, you might notice spores growing around the cooling unit or issues with the humidity settings. Getting it checked before it affects the AC unit avoids a hefty maintenance cost. While it may be due to something as simple as a drainage issue, a knowledgeable technician can fix it in a jiffy and in the correct manner.

These are some of the obvious signs through which the AC unit asks you for a tune-up. However, there might be bigger underlying issues that require the expertise of a technician to uncover. It is crucial to call up a well-trained and trusted maintenance and service company to ensure that the problem is identified and resolved correctly. 24 Seven HVAC brings 35 years of experience in AC tune-up, repairs, and installation at fair prices. Reach out to us at support@24sevenhvac.com to schedule an appointment or call 315-399-9962 for 24 hr emergency services.

When should I get an AC tune-up? | 24 Seven Hvac

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