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Tips for HVAC Spring Maintenance

Spring HVAC maintenance tips | 24 Seven Hvac

Spring is the best time to do some of the annual HVAC maintenance and upkeep. It’s the time of the year when the furnace is turned off and the air conditioner is on for the next season. Some yearly maintenance can go a long way and prolong the life of your heating and cooling equipment. We have compiled some essential spring HVAC maintenance tips that will help you clean up the equipment in your home. Follow these for an efficient HVAC system that does not blow up on your electricity bill. You can also count on the extended life of this equipment and keep unexpected repair works at bay.

Changing filters

Changing filters always find their way on the top of the list of spring HVAC maintenance tips as they are important for the health of both the equipment and the user. It is advised that the filter be changed every month if possible if there is heavy usage. A consistently changed filter means the air quality within the house is improved. It also helps the equipment use lesser energy, trapping more airborne particles, leading to cleaner air for all in the house.

Ductwork maintenance

A faulty duct can create a lot of energy wastage. The HVAC system must be constantly checked for ducts with leaks or holes. Make sure they are well repaired before the next usage. It is ideal to keep a leak-proof duct system for efficiency.

Clear Drainage

Every air conditioner has a drainage hole that is located at the base of the cabinet. Clearing this drainage hole is important to keep the air conditioner working perfectly. It can be easily clogged, causing waste to build up. It can cause blockage at the P-trap, which is right next to the drainage. Make sure to clear these holes up as they can make the system inefficient by putting a lot of stress on it.

Air Circulation

Spring is also the time to let the fresh air in as you shut down the HVAC system. As the temperature gets just right, turn down the HVAC, open the windows and doors to let the fresh air circulate. Using fans can keep the air flowing. The fresher the air, the better it is for your health.

Check for Debris

Make sure the area immediately surrounding the system is not packed with plants or other household items. Clear the area well and make sure it is not prone to dust and debris. Vegetation and other items blocking the unit can come in the way of pulling in the air to control the temperature in the house.

Smart thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great idea as it gives you a lot of control over the temperature. Instead of having one temperature consistently, one can adjust according to one’s needs. This also helps with the electricity costs as you can turn it off when you do no need it. It can also make schedules, making it more efficient in its working.

Testing the AC

Checking the AC for defects before summer gets here is a great idea. It can help any potential issues out of the way before summer arrives. Test the air conditioner by turning it on and checking its different functions and components.

Upgrade the system

If your HVAC is quite old and needs upgrading or replacement, spring is the ideal time. It is best to change the system when the weather is not too horrible to depend on the HVAC system. Consult an expert and change the HVAC system while spring lasts.

Annual HVAC maintenance service

Despite all the cleaning and fixing, there might be trivial things that we might not pick up, but an expert can. They can also do more specialized work in maintenance like checking the pressure of the refrigerant, checking the connections, and more. Also, if you are not very sure about the cleaning, it is better to get a pro to have a look. A screw missed here, or there can sometimes cause the whole system to unravel. These are some things you can do for Spring HVAC maintenance. For more expert advice and routine maintenance service, feel free to reach out to us at support@24sevenhvac.com.

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