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Steps For Winterizing HVAC For Homes In Syracuse, NY

The winter season brings about harsher conditions that will require any kind of machinery to work harder. The same is true for your home’s HVAC system since it will be working around the clock to maintain a cozy temperature in your home. With this extra stress and increased use, it’s important that you prepare for the season and winterize your HVAC system. 

Preparing your HVAC for winter isn’t actually too hard and can be a do-it-yourself home improvement project for most homeowners. Keep reading on to see how to prepare your HVAC for winter in New York. 

Winter tips for New York HVAC systems

Cold weather and snow can take a toll on your HVAC system, and the last thing you want is your HVAC breaking down in the middle of winter. That’s why it’s worth every homeowner’s time to prepare your HVAC system for a New York winter, and it’s key that this is accomplished before winter sets in. Ideally, you’ll want a sunny day when your outdoor air condenser can air dry completely. 

If today’s the day to prep your system, here’s a list of winter tips for HVAC systems in New York and how to prepare your HVAC for winter in NY. 

Change your filters

The easiest winter tip for HVAC systems in NY is to regularly change your filters. Over time, your filter will accumulate dirt and dust that it traps from the air. At some point, a filter will just be too dirty to do its job properly and can get clogged. Clogged filters cause your system to work harder and leads to more wear and tear. It’s an easy solution for any homeowner to buy and replace their filters even without a professional HVAC service.

Cleaning your outdoor unit

Every HVAC system will have an outdoor unit for its air conditioner and sometimes its heat pump. You can usually find this on your roof or maybe attached to a wall on the exterior of the home. This outdoor unit, which contains important equipment like a fan and condenser lines, must be kept in good condition to facilitate proper heating and air flow and maintain efficient energy usage. 

Cleaning your outdoor unit means removing leaves, twigs, and other dirt & debris around the outdoor unit. Also give it a check for any animals that may be nesting in or under the unit. Finish cleaning the unit by giving it a rinse with a garden hose to remove droppings, bugs and dirt stuck to the unit. When done, let this air dry completely. 

Insulate exposed pipes

Your HVAC system has a lot of pipes that carry water in them, and this can freeze overnight in the winter. This should be avoided at all costs unless you want to have to repair or replace your HVAC system in the dead of winter. 

An easy fix to this is to install tubular foam or rubber pipe insulation to protect against this freezing. These are easy to find and are simple to install by cutting the foam to fit by length and diameter of your pipes. Remember to place tees and elbows first then do the straight sections.

Cover the outdoor unit

Aside from cleaning the unit, you will also need to protect it from the cold and snow. You can buy specialized waterproof air conditioner covers that are made to fit outdoor air conditioners, or you can simply buy plastic covering from the hardware store. You can hold this down using bungee cords, vinyl tie-downs, or even plywood + a brick to further secure the cover. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check on your outdoor unit throughout the winter season and clear off the snow that can accumulate on top and around the outdoor unit. 

Get ready for winter with 24 Seven HVAC 

Following these winter tips for HVAC systems in NY is just the start of keeping your system in great shape throughout the year. Maintaining the best performance of HVAC for homes in Syracuse, NY means hiring a professional HVAC contractor like 24 Seven HVAC. Every home’s HVAC system needs proper maintenance every year. Call 24 Seven HVAC for all your HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation needs and enjoy perfect climate control all year round.

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