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Myths You Need To Stop Believing In

HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is important for any home. However, when it comes to maintaining or investing in HVAC units for homes, some myths need to be debunked to avoid mismanaging your system or letting it underperform. 

Here are some myths to take note of, and the reasons behind debunking them: 

Myth #1:

Filters Need To Be Changed Once A Year

Regardless if you’re a home buddy who loves to spend your days staying in, or you’re an introvert who is visiting a different group of friends every night, the fact of the matter is this: As long as your home is significantly lived in, dust is going to naturally accumulate. 

Just because you clean your home regularly doesn’t mean you can totally neglect your HVAC filter. Your system will have to work double time just to provide the appropriate amount of cooling or heating you need. Call your local services company to have it cleaned monthly or have an air purifier installed so you can only call on them yearly to have your filter cleaned. 

Myth #2:

A Bigger HVAC System Is Always Better

If you’re someone who is always tempted to spend on the latest home improvement system, this is definitely a slippery slope to be on. 

Companies may try to oversell their more powerful systems to you, because these are likely more expensive than their smaller counterparts. However, the wrong HVAC system for your home might end up short circuiting or underperforming if assigned to the wrong home. 

How do you determine the right system for you, then? It helps to round up in terms of tonnage. Your home could measure at 2.5 tons for example, so a 3-ton HVAC system is fine. You likely won’t get to use the full 3 tons anyway, so this is fine for a 2.5 ton home. 

Myth #3:

Energy-Efficient Units Will Cut Down My Electric Bill Instantly

This is a myth that normally gets overlooked, especially considering it’s such a popular buzzword among HVAC salesmen. 

No one wants to see a shockingly high amount on their monthly bill, right? So naturally, you might be looking at energy-efficient HVAC systems. We aren’t saying there is anything wrong with them, but don’t believe that they can automatically solve all your energy problems. 

If you still maintain poor energy saving habits, your HVAC system won’t be able to save you from that dreaded electric bill. Turn the lights off, shut your windows when the air conditioning is on, don’t leave the refrigerator door open, and integrate energy-saving in all aspects of home life.

Myth #4:

Leaving The Fan On All Day Will Make My Rooms Cooler

This is totally false. Fans only work to circulate air inside a room, not change its temperature suddenly. 

Make sure your windows provide proper ventilation, and invest in a HVAC system that can provide you for more powerful cooling when needed, especially in the summertime. 

Myth #5:

Duct Tape Can Take Care Of Any Leaks

What duct tape can do is make you think you got a leak covered, and help you forget to contact a professional repairman. 

This is particularly dangerous for HVAC systems, ‘cause duct tape can easily get burned when the heating is up, which could cause accidents and toxic fumes to erupt from the burning duct tape. Instead of resorting to taping leaks up yourself, contact a trusted HVAC servicing company immediately. Otherwise, you might just let the leak jeopardize your system and cause unnecessary mess in your own house. 

Let the professionals handle leaks. It’s their job to do so. 

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