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Keeping Your Syracuse Home’s HVAC System Maintained Can Help Reduce Allergens

HVAC systems reduce allergens and improve indoor air quality, which can alleviate asthma and allergy systems more than you think. Considering allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illnesses in the US, the importance of clean air in the home cannot be overstated. 

Proper HVAC Maintenance Tips to Reduce Allergens in Your NY Home

You might be asking now, “How do I ensure a cleaner air for my home?” Here are some HVAC maintenance tips to reduce the number of allergens in your home all year round.

1. Use High-Quality Filters

When it comes to HVAC and allergens, the former contains a lot of the latter without the right filter—from pollen and dust mites to mold spores, and pet dander.

In order to reduce indoor allergens, you should invest in a quality air filter that can capture even the tiniest particles. The effectiveness of an air filter is determined by its MERV rating, or minimum efficiency recording value. MERVs range from one to 20, with the higher numbers offering the best filtration.

When purchasing air filters, you should look for a high-efficiency filter that helps to alleviate allergy triggers. Most high-efficiency filters are rated between 14 and 16. They can remove small particles, but not as well as HEPA filters, which are rated between 17 and 20.

For centralized HVAC systems, however, HEPA filters are typically not recommended unless the system has been updated or designed to use HEPA filters. As a result, the more efficient the air filter, the more pressure it tends to put on the HVAC system. For help choosing the right filter for your system, contact your HVAC technician.

2. Keep Both the Outdoor and Indoor Units Clean

Your outdoor units attract allergens. By wiping these surfaces with a damp cloth, you can prevent them from entering. Clean the indoor unit as well. This will increase the life and efficiency of the filters.

3. Remove Mold if You Find it

Mold growth may be inevitable in homes with high humidity levels. Allergies and asthma symptoms can be triggered by mold spores. The spores spread through your home as mold grows in the ductwork, coils, or drip pans of your HVAC system.

That’s why it’s crucial to inspect for mold growth regularly. Call a professional HVAC maintenance team if you discover the problem. Even though it’s possible to do the work yourself, it’s easy to miss hard-to-reach places, wasting your time and efforts.

4. Consider Your Air Purifier

HVAC systems work best with medium- to high-efficiency air filters, but an air purifier with a HEPA filter is the best way to trap those allergens your HVAC system can’t handle. If you suffer from severe asthma or allergies, whole-home air purifiers are a great option for you. They improve the air quality throughout the whole house, helping everyone breathe easier.

5. Control Humidity

In addition to air purification, it is equally important to maintain ideal humidity levels inside the home to prevent allergies. In particular, humidity is a major trigger for many asthmatics. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier can help to keep those humidity levels under control. The result is a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

6. Kill Allergens with Upgrades

In light of the current situation in the world, you may want to consider UV light systems for HVACs. UV light isn’t just effective for reducing allergy symptoms. By using UV lamps with your HVAC system, you can sterilize both the coil and the air, killing mold and bacteria. Despite being a fairly expensive technology to implement, UV lighting is perfect for households with poor indoor air quality.

7. Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling annual maintenance is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to optimize your HVAC system. Even if you can’t afford system upgrades or additions, regular HVAC maintenance is one of the best ways to ease asthma and allergy symptoms. The system should be kept running efficiently by changing your air filters and cleaning your ductwork.

Your Trusted HVAC Contractor 

Looking for a trustworthy HVAC contractor for your home in Syracuse, NY? Count on us at 24 Seven HVAC to do the job.

HVAC maintenance and repair require prompt service. You should have to wait several days for service, especially when you’re compromising on a clean air for your home. We’ll work on getting your unit up and running on its best as soon as possible so you and your family aren’t inconvenienced.

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