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How To Conserve Energy on Your HVAC System

How to reduce HVAC energy consumption? | 24 Seven Hvac

Keeping your HVAC systems energy efficient is important as you depend on them throughout the year. Effective operation and maintenance are key to keeping them at their best. However, there is more to be done to maximize energy conservation. Here is a list of some of the best practices that can reduce your HVAC energy consumption.

Automated control systems

If the HVAC system can be controlled and optimized to provide a certain level of cooling or heating, the energy consumption can be reduced significantly. The temperature requirements throughout the day can also be scheduled this way. This is a more energy-efficient option than having a certain temperature being blasted throughout the time. Implementing automated control systems on HVAC units have shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 25%.

Demarcating Boundaries

While setting up an HVAC system, it is essential to get the size and capacity of the equipment to match the size of the facility. If the area to be cooled is vast, it is necessary to invest in a cooling system with the proper tonnage. It is also important to choose the HVAC system depending on the heating or cooling required according to the climatic conditions. When these two parameters match, it leads to significant energy conservation.

Programmable thermostat

Rather than having a constant temperature throughout the different rooms during different times of the day, it is ideal to have a programmable thermostat that can regulate the air current and temperature for different times of a day. A programmable thermostat reduces energy consumption and therefore cost by creating customizable cooling or heating temperature. This can be made to suit the occupants’ needs, which can vary with the season as well. A programmable thermostat is an intelligent way of making your HVAC system more energy-efficient.

Variable equipment setting

HVAC equipment that has a variable speed and temperature control setting can conserve more energy. Setting the equipment to the necessary speed for fans, blowers, and motors can cut down on costs considerably. Adjusting the temperature of the water to the chiller can reduce the load on the compressor. We have seen this help clients reduce energy consumption substantially. While equipment usually comes with a pre-set setting for different features, changing it according to the current need and season is an energy-conserving option.

Ensure there are no leaks in the refrigerant

A common energy-eating culprit is leaking refrigerants. A leak in the refrigerant can cause the compressor to overwork, leading to more consumption of energy. This directly affects the capacity of the HVAC system. A leak in the refrigerant can cause permanent damage to the system if not repaired in time.

Regular maintenance

HVAC systems require proper and timely maintenance. It is essential to include certain items into your annual HVAC maintenance checklist to ensure that they are fit to run efficiently for the next year. These include replacing filters, cleaning evaporator coils and condensers, clearing and cleaning drain lines to ensure proper flow, maintaining and inspecting ducts for mold, debris or damage, checking electrical connections, lubricating, and more. HVAC systems need specialist handling. We recommend that you let trained technicians look at your system to avoid any damage from mishandling.

Conserving energy on HVAC systems and reducing electricity bills is not too difficult if you follow these expert tips. With proper maintenance, you can increase and maintain HVAC efficiency for any facility. To hire our expert HVAC services, reach out to us at support@24sevenhvac.com

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