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How To Be More Energy-Efficient With Your Commercial HVAC System In New York

Trusting a HVAC company with your system in New York, NY is one thing, but it still pays to be responsible enough to be as responsible as you can with energy conservation while using your HVAC. Not only will you be able to save up on bills along the way, but you can be more environmentally friendly from home, too! 

Here are some handy tips to follow: 

Adjust Your Thermostat 

If it’s comfortable enough for you, try to bring your temperature down 5-8 degrees in winter and up during summer to save yourself some energy. Study your programmable thermostat to find out the best temperature to leave your HVAC on, especially if you will be away from your home for a while. 

Insulate Your Home Properly

When using air conditioning, the system will be a lot more efficient if air doesn’t escape your home while it’s on. Casually inspect your home for windows that won’t close all the way or vents that could need fixing to make sure it’s insulated enough to handle efficient air conditioning. 

Be Vigilant About Maintenance

We recommend having your HVAC system cleaned and inspected by a HVAC installer or maintenance company in NY at least once a month, and once a year if you have a built-in cleaning system already installed. Despite a cleaning system however, if you have furry pets in your home, it’s best to still have it cleaned monthly due to your pets’ shedding. 

This way, you can avoid the need for more expensive repairs by ensuring that your HVAC system is performing in tip-top shape all the time. 

During Warm Days, Keep Your Blinds Closed

Blinds or curtains must be closed during particularly hot days so you can get the most out of your indoor cooling. If you still want natural light to come into your room, consider investing in light colored blinds instead so you can still get some much-needed sunshine. 

Your Vents Should Be Regularly Inspected For Dust

One of the main culprits behind over-exertion for HVAC systems is definitely the accumulation of dust. 

Every month (or every week, if you’re diligent), casually inspect your vents for dust and debris. Taking a damp cloth with you and wiping your vents clean will help your HVAC system “breathe” more easily, circulating air more efficiently in your property. 

Have An Electric Fan At Home, Too

Whether your HVAC system is on or off, a fan is great for providing much-needed air circulation in your home, especially on hot days without a lot of natural wind. This way, your HVAC system will have to work less just to circulate air in your property, which is always a good reason for having electric fans in most parts of your home! 

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Just like vents, air filters are prone to trapping dirt and debris so easily that it could impede the overall performance of your HVAC system. Open it up to check your filters every month, and see if you can clean them. 

If the filter seems too dirty even after a good clean, we suggest getting rid of your old filter entirely and buying a new one. This way, dust won’t infiltrate your system and lead to even more problems. 

Don’t Use Your Dryer And Oven During Peak Hours Of The Day

Depending on where you live, keep track of the hottest times of the day and make sure these appliances are not being used at those times. 

Not only will all that hot air make your HVAC system work double time, but you’ll be generally more uncomfortable indoors with all that heat! 

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