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A Simple Guide On How HVAC Systems Work

Most homes in the United States will have its own HVAC system installed in them, especially if you live in Syracuse that sees both hot summers and cold winters. If you didn’t take care of an HVAC system installation in New York, your house probably already had one installed by whoever first built the home. 

Most don’t really know how their HVAC system works, but since it’s responsible for climate control indoors, if anything were to go wrong, you’d quickly notice and call your local residential HVAC company in Syracuse, NY for assistance. So how do HVAC systems work?

How HVAC systems work

Many people think HVAC systems are just air conditioners, when in fact that is only one part of the whole system. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. While there are several different kinds of HVAC systems, they all generally work the same. 

The heating element refers to a furnace or boiler. This includes a pipe system for the fluid carrying the hat or duct work if you have a forced air system. 

The ventilation part of the system is either natural or forced and moves air around the home. If the system is forced, it is more often than not used for air cleaning purposes as well. 

The final element of the system is the well-known air conditioning, the exact opposite of heating. The main purpose of this is to remove heat from the home and cool air within the system. 

Common HVAC parts

Different systems can have different parts and be built in different ways, but the main components are generally the same. Here are some of the most common parts in an HVAC system but keep in mind that this list is non exhaustive. 

Air Return – The starting point of the ventilation cycle; it draws air into the main system through the filter. 

Filters – The second part of the air return that traps particles in the air. These should be changed regularly. 

Exhaust Outlets – Outlets where excess heat from the system is expelled

Ducts – Channels which heated or cooled air passes through. 

Thermostats – Endpoint for user control over the system; this relays instructions throughout the system to achieve and maintain the settings set by the user. 

Outdoor Unit – The part of the system many think of when you mention an HVAC system. Houses the compressor and the fan, which provides air flow. 

Compressor – A major part of an air conditioner or heat pump, it regulates the pressure of the refrigerant and sends it to the coils.

Coils – Coils cool the air as it passes through with help from the refrigerant. 

New York HVAC FAQs

What’s the difference of air condition and HVAC?

Many confuse the two when in reality, air conditioning is only one part of the HVAC system. While you can buy an independent air conditioning unit that you can install in any home, these units only do one thing: condition the air to make it cooler and lower the temperature indoors. 

An HVAC system is more than just an air conditioner; it’s a whole system that works to maintain a set temperature throughout your home. The heater and air conditioner in an HVAC work in unison to achieve its target temperature more efficiently than two separate units. 

How long will an HVAC system last?

This will really depend on your equipment, how it’s used, and more importantly how it’s maintained. Just make sure to keep up with your annual maintenance by hiring a licensed residential HVAC company in Syracuse and your HVAC system can last you for many years to come. 

Who can install a new HVAC system or service my current system? 

While some parts of the HVAC system can be swapped out by the homeowner, all repairs and major part replacements should be carried out by license professionals who are thoroughly trained in these systems. Call a residential HVAC company in Syracuse, NY like 24 Seven HVAC for any installation or service & repair needs you might have for your home’s HVAC. It’s important to contact a professional service to ensure that you get genuine quality parts and proper service to minimize any possible damage or mistakes. Even when nothing’s wrong, you should also schedule annual maintenance to keep your HVAC running smoothly for longer. Call 24 Seven HVAC for your HVAC needs today! 

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