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5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

Now that the temperature is getting warmer, your air conditioner will probably work longer than it did in the winter. But as with your health, your AC needs to be examined from time to time to ensure it remains in good health.

If your unit isn’t cooling your Syracuse home effectively, you should schedule an air conditioning maintenance. Keeping your AC in top shape will keep you comfortable for the rest of this season and for years to come.

5 Common Signs Your AC Needs Servicing

The HVAC in your New York home may need maintenance or even repair if you see any of these signs:

#1: Bad Odors

When you suspect your HVAC system is causing unpleasant odors, you need to deal with the problem before it becomes worse. If your cooling system requires a more sophisticated solution, a quick diagnostic visit will inform you whether it needs a tune-up and complete cleaning session.

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps lamps work wonders in eliminating persistent microbial growth in your air conditioner. In addition to removing odors from ductwork, duct cleaning can remove debris from the ductwork.

#2: Frequent Cycles

The cooling cycles of your air conditioner should be relatively routine, regardless of the weather. The cooling system may run more frequently on the hottest days, but it shouldn’t run nonstop.

If you notice frequent cycling, contact a reliable HVAC company. Your air conditioner may need to be tuned up. But your unit may also need to be replaced.

#3: High Humidity

It’s likely to be sticky outside during the spring and summer. However, that doesn’t mean that the indoor air should be humid. Most air conditioners automatically manage humidity levels.

If your cooling system cannot maintain a comfortable level of humidity, you will need an air conditioner repair. The technician will tell you whether your system needs a simple recalibration or if you should consider a whole-house humidifier instead.

#4: Restricted Airflow

It’s common for poor airflow to be a sign that your air conditioner isn’t operating efficiently or that there is a blockage in your home’s ductwork. Clogged air filters, a broken motor, or something even more serious may be to blame.

Trusted HVAC contractors recommend investing in an energy-recovery ventilator if insufficient airflow is a frequent problem in your home. The air conditioner will receive fresh air every time it cycles, giving it a boost. Zoning systems may also benefit your unit. Your cooling and airflow will be directed to where it is needed most.

#5: Water Leaks

To cool your home, your air conditioner uses refrigerant, which may cause condensation. These liquids should not accumulate in your home or leak into it.

Pooled water or an active leak around your air conditioner are signs that your cooling system isn’t functioning well. Contact a professional as soon as possible. Your home can be damaged by leaks quickly and may even experience structural damage.

As the sun returns to the sky and temperatures rise, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool. But how can you tell if it needs some TLC? If you notice any of the warning signs we mentioned, it’s likely that your air conditioner needs repair.

However, don’t wait for these signs to appear—sometimes that would mean your system needs repair or replacement, and that could hurt your wallet. Hire professionals for frequent maintenance so they can spot issues early on and keep your air conditioner running its best in the warm seasons.

High-Quality Service at 24 Seven HVAC 

When it comes to taking care of your HVAC system, nothing beats leaving it to the professionals. If you’re looking for a trusted HVAC company in Syracuse, choose 24 Seven HVAC.

We provide you with the highest quality of standards of service for heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solutions for your home or business. Whenever you call us, our dispatch center will ensure that your issue is handled as soon as possible. 

Each of our technicians is factory-trained and state-certified, and we use the most dependable products and tools. Whether it is AC repairs or installations, every job is 100% guaranteed with upfront pricing.

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